There she goes again: „I didn’t have the time to save them all“

Why is it that whenever time travelling is involved this absurd one-liner invariably shows up? It was both in last week’s Doctor Who: The Satan Pit and this week’s Love & Monsters. „I couldn’t save the Ood, I only had time for one trip“ – and this time he was too late twice, to save the hero’s mother and love.

I know that it is against suspense and everything, and the entire Doctor Who business wouldn’t be half as interesting, but when the Doctor enters the scene and sees all is in mortal peril, why doesn’t he simply gather a quick analysis of the situation, then smartly steps back into his blue cubicle and pops back another day or two, to Do It Right The Second Time?

We had it all the same in Star Trek: Enterprise. Never have temporal inconsequences been so gloriously obvious as in Tucker asking the captain why the future folks were able to react to the distress call so soon and Archer replying that it was because time did not matter to them, that they could choose the point in time from where they took it; leaving it to us to muse why then they didn’t recover their shuttle before all the mess happened.


One Response to There she goes again: „I didn’t have the time to save them all“

  1. Verik sagt:


    I found your blog by Google querying for „I only had time for one trip“, after I watched The Satan Pit. I wholeheartedly agree.

    Such a shame that Dr Who is really does not treat time travel seriously. My favourite episode is „Blink“ where it does actually makes for a great plot device.

    Good to know I’m not the only one around with these thoughts.


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