Lynda with a Y

Fans of Doctor Who… I’ve said that before. Time to create some more references. To the Bad Wolf, translating in typical BBC German as Schlechter Wolf. To a perverted Big Brother universe. To sites like (allegedly run by Mickey himself – not Clive, as you’d think), To a girl called Lynda (with a Y), who’ll probably be the next Rose.

Funny idea that old Beeb is running websites by the lot, poor websites mostly (designed to look poor, I assume).

Another good one is the Tardis‘ console. Back in the ole days, here in Krautland, we had a TV SciFi show called „Space Patrol Orion“ which lived off the fact that TV screens were so ridiculously small you couldn’t make out details on the ship’s controls. Later on, the Big Screen had us burst with laughter, as it showed things like the handle of an electric iron, water taps, lots of tin foil and all sorts of crap. The console of the Tardis is just like that! Looking at it in detailed resolution, you find retro things like grey phones, morse keys, hand valves, plugging boards and the like, intentional crap this time, all crowned by a large TFT, meant to look modern. Excuse me? When’s the last time a TFT was modern? They come with any 500 € PC system these days!

„They survived through me“ – well, looking forward to seeing the originator of those words…

Well, Google, eat this!


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